Waverley Park Development, Mulgrave

The Waverley Park project involved the redevelopment of the old AFL park into a 1,500 lot residential development. TGM provided full civil engineering design and construction supervision services on the development. Survey services included subdivision, construction setout, existing conditions survey and overall survey support for all Mirvac built homes.

Innovation: The broad-field Waverley Park project has presented some interesting challenges for TGM, calling for some innovative survey and civil design solutions. Some significant wetlands design was required. For one five hectare wetland system, TGM used a state-of-the-art water sensitive urban design (WSUD) approach. The aim is to capture and retain the stormwater from the site, rather than let it run directly into the downstream waterways. Sophisticated filtration, treatment and sedimentation techniques were designed, so that when the water is eventually released into the natural waterway it will be clean and clear and rubbish-free.

Highly detailed survey work and hydraulic analysis was undertaken to achieve this innovative outcome.

The professional team for the Waverley Park development brought together previous project experience in hydraulic analysis, stormwater management, water reticulation, sewerage reticulation, pipeline design, option evaluation and analysis, storage design and contingency planning for major storm events. The TGM team used the latest data collection and processing technologies to provide service, advice and information for the client.

Project Team

Benny Vocale

Project Director, Civil Engineering / Principal

Joe Lynch

Civil Engineering Manager / Principal

Brent O’Grady

Business Unit Manager - Geospatial / Principal

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