VicRoads Cement Kiln Dust (CKD) Pit

TGM was engaged by VicRoads to undertake the detailed design and investigation for the relocation and decommissioning of a cement kiln dust (CKD) pit located within an active limestone quarry. The existing CKD pit was located on land acquired by VicRoads and needed to be relocated clear of their site whilst remaining in operation for quarry use.

TGM undertook the detailed design for the decommissioning works required for the existing pit, which included the removal of 30,000m3 of CKD material, construction of a new earthen bund to contain the pit in quarry land and design of the capping layer to decommission the site.

The second stage of this project was to design a new 300,000m3 CKD storage pit that will ensure the quarry has enough CKD storage area for the next 30 years of quarry operation. The new pit required the detailed design of the pit lining layers, including geotextile and drainage layers, and leachate collection system in accordance with EPA guidelines.

TGM’s survey team completed a field survey to locate all Features and changes in old CKD Pit.


Project Team

Peter Preece

Project Director, Geelong / Senior Principal

David Rendle

Geospatial Manager Geelong / Licensed Surveyor

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