Peninsula Link

The Peninsula Link is a 27km long Freeway joining Eastlink at Carrum Downs to the Mornington Peninsula Freeway in Mt Martha. Initially, TGM was engaged to provide drafting services to Abigroup to co-ordinate and prepare existing utility drawings (water, gas, Telstra, electricity, sewer etc) for the entire length of the project. This engagement involved staff (one permanent and others on an “as needs” basis) to be based at the initial tender office in Collins Street, Melbourne for a three month period to kick-start the project. Three years on, a move to a new project office on Wellington Road and a subsequent move to the Site Office adjacent to Eastlink in Seaford.

TGM’s involvement in this major project ensured timely delivery of service relocations and detailed co-ordination of various project disciplines to ensure all assets were installed with minimum disruption. Peninsula Link opened in January 2013 with TGM being on site since the excavators turned the first sod of soil until the road was officially opened to traffic.

The Peninsula Link project involved the relocation of over 70 utilities. From transmission gas mains, overhead and underground electricity cables, major Telstra distribution cables, 1200mm diameter sewers and South Easter Water owned water mains. TGM provided a detailed analysis on the most efficient and effective relocation alignments to ensure co-ordination with proposed stormwater drains, noise walls, structural bridge elements and of course the road carriageway itself. TGM prepared preliminary electrical, Telstra and gas drawings for detailed design by a specialist Electrical Consultant and the responsible gas and Telstra authorities, all the while keeping a close eye that the detailed design of these assets could be constructed with minimal disruption to other project disciplines. As well as providing conceptual design solutions for all South East Water assets, TGM’s office staff documented the detailed sewer and water main designs to meet the relevant industry standards and codes.

During the project, Abigroup found that TGM could provide additional consultancy services to further enhance the project’s success. In addition to over 300 existing utility drawings being prepared and updated on almost a daily basis, TGM prepared a significant number of drawings to assist the Environmental Team in assessing and protecting the sensitive flora and fauna discovered along the project. To accord with the strict Flora and Fauna Guarantee Act (FFG), drawings showing Aboriginal Heritage sites and protected vegetation were prepared to ensure that all personnel involved with on-site activities knew what could and couldn’t be removed. In addition to the Environmental Constraints Plans, TGM prepared in excess of 80 drawings to support various FFG applications to remove additional vegetation. No vegetation could be removed on the project without the prior consent of the relevant authority.

Abigroup’s internal quality system demanded that no construction activity could commence without all site personnel being familiar with the TGM prepared existing utility drawings and approved vegetation removal plans. TGM’s close association with Abigroup on the Peninsula Link project contributed to the timely delivery of this project and a magnificent piece of road which will no doubt be enjoyed by many commuters.

Project Team

Peter Preece

Project Director, Geelong / Senior Principal

Leigh Prossor

Engineering Manager, Geelong

Joe Lynch

Civil Engineering Manager / Principal

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