Melbourne to Geelong Interconnector Project

The $138 million MGI Project was a joint initiative by Barwon Water and Melbourne Water to address Geelong’s short term water problems. TGM provided their surveying expertise throughout the entire 55km pipeline for both design and construction stages of the project.

In surveying for the Melbourne to Geelong Pipeline project, TGM staff walked and drove thousands of kilometres. The company’s team undertook the initial surveys for the pipeline route and construction corridor, including establishing the control network. They then prepared the plans for titles, the easement plans, route maps for every property, vegetation mapping and construction set out. TGM also did the service location for the project, a complex task given the diversity of information sources and sheer number of service providers with interests in the area.

“This was a very sensitive project with a range of stakeholders, and with very tight protocols for the agricultural areas. Our staff were walking through herbicide baths before entering areas to prevent cross-contamination. We did a lot of walking and driving, travelling up and down the 55km project length hundreds of times,” said TGM Surveyor, Ray Dunn. “We established our own tight survey reference which involved multiple observations over hundreds of kilometres. There were also a considerable number of native flora areas to map, which were recorded by GPS, and become added data on the area.”

TGM had a multi-skilled team of around 10 working on the project, including graduate surveyors, experienced surveyors, licensed surveyors and technical assistants. To give everyone a varied task load, teams rotated between on-ground work at the site, and the hard yards of uploading and data processing back at the TGM office. The latest GPS equipment was used, including GPS Base Stations, Rovers and Robotic Total Stations. The data resulted in over 100 title plans, hundreds of feature and level plans, and substantial mapping of vegetation, fence lines, bitumen and culverts – all delivered both digitally and on paper.

Project Team

David Rendle

Geospatial Manager Geelong / Licensed Surveyor

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