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VicSmart is the process for streamlining the assessment of low-impact planning applications in Victoria.  The provisions became part of all Planning Schemes (Clauses 90-95) on 19 September 2014.

VicSmart applications are subject to faster processing times, with a decision guaranteed within 10 business days, after which an application for review can be made to VCAT. Information to be submitted with an application and what Council can consider is preset and applications are not advertised.

State VicSmart applications include:

  • subdividing land to realign the common boundary between two lots;
  • subdividing land into lots each containing an existing building or car parking space;
  • subdividing land within an approved development permit into two lots;
  • constructing a front fence in a residential zone;
  • construct a building or works in a commercial or industrial zone, capital city zone, docklands zone or mixed use zone;
  • constructing a fence on land affected by an overlay;
  • removing, destroying or lopping one tree;
  • minor subdivision, minor buildings and works, painting or tree lopping in a heritage overlay;
  • minor subdivision or buildings and works within a special building overlay;
  • display a sign in a commercial or industrial zone, capital city zone or docklands zone;
  • reducing the required number of car parking spaces; and
  • reducing or waiving loading and unloading requirements for vehicles.

Each municipality can also specify and tailor local VicSmart applications via the schedule to
Clause 94.

Approximately 8,500 or 15% of all planning applications may be eligible to be processed as
VicSmart applications.

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