Internal Licensed Surveyor Training Program

Samantha Davis | | Surveying,

January 2018 marked the launch of TGM’s internal licensed surveyor training program. The aim of the program is to provide a structured learning platform to equip our graduate surveyors with the technical skills and knowledge to become Licensed Surveyors efficiently, and with a high level of professionalism.

The program consists of 10 sessions across an 18 month period, with a session held bi-monthly, rotating around all offices. Each session will cover a ‘module topic’, facilitated by the most appropriate Licensed/Senior Surveyor within the company.

Brent O’Grady has led the first two sessions, which have been well received by all participants – Chris White, Dale Eaton, Michelle Frew, Troy Ryan and Jack Sandford.

HR will follow up with participants after each session and liaise with Supervising Surveyors/Managers as required, to ensure progress is being made and momentum maintained.

TGM have identified this area of training as a priority for those employees currently (or soon to be) part of a Professional Training Agreement (PTA), to achieve registration as a Licensed Surveyor, and is a great initiative to support the development  of our employees for the future.


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