Industry News - Melbourne Water development applications available online

Benny Vocale | | Civil Engineering, Urban Development, Planning, Project Management, Hydraulic & Hydrology,

Melbourne Water development applications are available online, from Wednesday, 29 March.

Applications that may be relevant for developers or consultants include:

  • Design Comments and Acceptance Request     
  • Stormwater Management Strategy Requests
  • Pre-Development Advice          
  • Offer of Conditions of Works
  • VicSmart Requests       
  • Offer of Conditions of Non-Works
  • Flood Level Certificates
  • Stormwater Quality Offsets
  • Build Over        
  • Stormwater Connection
  • Utility Installation          
  • Shared Path
  • Jetty    
  • Levee maintenance (crown land)
  • Minor waterways work   
  • Land access
  • Bridge/Culvert Crossing
  • Planting Landscaping
  • Inspection

 For more information, please contact your local TGM office or visit the Melbourne Water website –

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