Flood Studies and Modelling

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TGM utilise advanced mathematical flood and coastal simulation software such as TUFLOW and HEC-RAS to accurately predict the behavior of rivers, flood plains and urban drainage environments and their impact on land usage and development.

Changing environments and significant recent flood events have sharpened the focus of regulators on the need to understand how our environments will behave under extreme climatic events. The ability to develop complex hydrology and hydraulic modelling and develop design solutions to mitigate the impacts flood damage is becoming a key input to all major development projects.

TGM have a strong track record in large scale and complex projects that require high level skills in flood modelling, client and stakeholder liaison, technical analysis, design, communication and engagement.

TGM’s modelling capabilities include:

  • Flood prediction and mapping
  • Bridge and culvert hydraulic analysis
  • Simulation of river and creek flows
  • Urban flood studies

TGM has demonstrated skills and experience in providing the following services:

  • Stormwater management plans
  • Integrated Water Cycle Management strategies
  • Complex hydrology and hydraulic modelling
  • Recycled water planning
  • Urban and rural drainage design
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD)
  • Detailed stormwater network and detention basin design
  • Detailed bio-retention/wetland/raingarden design
  • Sewage and water design – including pump stations

Recent flood projects include:

  • Western Hwy Duplication Project - Flood Investigation
  • Rodier Street Ballarat East - Flood Risk Assessment
  • Canterbury Road Lara - Flood Modelling
  • Murray Goulburn Redevelopment Leongatha - Flood Modelling
  • Learmonth Street Subdivision, Alfredton -  Flood Mapping
  • Barton Street, Bell Park - Flood Modelling & Stormwater Management Plan
  • Redan Creek, Ballarat - Flood Study
  • Winter Creek, Delacombe -  Flood Modelling Analysis
  • Avonlea Road, Bell Post Hill - Flood Study
  • Seabreeze Estate, Indented Heads - Flood Study and Flood Impact Assessment
  • Marriners Lookout Road, Apollo Bay - Stormwater Management Plan and Flood Impact Assessment
  • Clifton Springs & Drysdale - Flood Investigation

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