Drain Optimisation

Glenn Mansell | | Infrastructure,

Myth:- lower consultant fees equals a lower project cost. Quality design and analysis can add value and save money when it comes time to construct your development. The first iteration of a drainage design may well get council approval – but is it the best solution?

TGM looks beyond the ‘one size fits all’ approach, and investigates all available options for our client’s project to determine the most cost-effective construction solutions. “Do more with less”…that’s how we save our clients time and money!

Case study – Use of DRAINS to redesign our client’s subdivision stormwater system.

By applying more rigorous design and analysis software and techniques, it was possible to significantly reduce the stormwater pipe sizes determined by a more conventional approach. This resulted in significant cost savings for our client on his 22 lot subdivision.

The drainage system was first designed using the rational method, which uses simple hydraulics to calculate pipe sizes. The stormwater was then redesigned using DRAINS standard hydraulic model, which uses unsteady computational methods, in order to determine what reduction in pipe sizes is possible.

Both designs are valid and acceptable to council, but in this case the cost difference to our client was significant. By employing TGM to optimize the drainage design an estimated construction saving of $80,000 was achieved – a great ROI on engineering design fees.

Significant savings can be achieved by smarter stormwater design. Often we are able to specify reduced pipe sizes over those determined using less sophisticated analysis. Look beyond the low fee proposal – it may cost you in the end.

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