Design Assurance Scheme - Water Accreditation

Joe Lynch | | Civil Engineering,

The Water Design Assurance Scheme (DAS) assessment is now a mandatory requirement for Melbourne Retail Water Association (MRWA) water companies.

DAS accreditation has been introduced to improve the design of water supply systems being undertaken for MRWA.

The competency based system involves training and practical experience, which is demonstrated through a two-part formal assessment and includes an exam and review of the applicant’s design of three water reticulation systems.

The Advanced Knowledge Training Module and exam is for designers with significant experience in the design of water supply and sewerage systems, who are involved in checking and reviewing designs and mentoring junior design staff.

The Water DAS accreditation seeks to:

  • Set a minimum standard of competency for the authorisation of design of water supply systems.
  • Improve and assess the competency of designers and design auditors of water supply systems.
  • Encourage a national approach, across states and water utilities, to the development of competencies in water supply system design, in order to ensure the portability of design and design audit competencies.
  • Provide a mechanism for retaining knowledge and practical experience in the design and design auditing of water supply sewerage reticulation systems within the water industry.
  • Provide a means for MRWA to develop in-house competencies in the design of water supply systems, to enable MRWA to audit designs of other parties in the water industry.

TGM has two Senior Civil Engineers who have successfully completed the DAS assessment.

TGM’s accredited Engineers are able to design, audit and review water supply pipeline systems for water authorities. 

For more information on TGM’s DAS accreditation, please contact Joe Lynch, Manager – Civil Engineering, on 03 8862 9333.

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