Building Information Modelling

Alan Barham | | Building, Structural Engineering,

TGM designers use Building Information Modelling (BIM) software to create a virtual model of buildings and infrastructure prior to their physical construction. BIM reduces uncertainty and assists designers to foresee building construction issues before they occur on site: saving costly delays and rework during construction. Building quantities can be extracted easily and a rate applied, to aid with quoting. TGM has invested in 3D building modelling software and uses it extensively throughout small and large scale projects. Where possible, we collaborate with other members of the design team to ensure that all data is co-ordinated from an early stage of the design process. This allows greater sharing of project information from the design development phase through to construction.

BIM has the capability to be used not only in design but also as a complete facility management tool. Utilising the database power of 3D building software, it is possible to include maintenance data on almost every item that has been modelled effectively, so maintenance schedules can be incorporated in the built model. Moving forward to the digital age, we see contractors on-site using building models on tablets and iPads rather than 2D drawings.

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