Alan Barham | | Building, Structural Engineering,

TGM’s structural engineering division provide expert advice and design involving modifications, additions and repairs to existing bridge structures.  We also provide design and certification of new road and pedestrian bridge structures.

TGM structural engineers are experienced in:

  • Inspection, assessment, recommendations and documentation on remediation and conservation of bridges
  • Structural integrity reporting
  • Steel / precast concrete / reinforced concrete / timber design, scour protection works, construction management and certification of new bridges – single and multi span

Our previous road and pedestrian bridge projects include:

  • Grand Lakes Estate Culvert Bridge, Lara
  • Bayshore Avenue Bridge, Drysdale
  • Grahams Road Bridge, Mt Mercer
  • Hazel Drive Bridge, Warragul
  • Walmer Street Footbridge Rehabilitation Project, Abbotsford
  • Tooronga Village Pedestrian Bridge, Glen Iris
  • Wombat Creek Footbridge Flood Recovery Works, Hepburn Regional Park.

TGM has VicRoads pre-qualification in Road and Bridge design:

  • Road Design Rural Road (RR), Urban Road (UR)
  • Bridge Design Structures – Simple (SS)
  • Hydrologic & Hydraulic Design H&H – Simple (SH).

Most recently TGM was included in a panel of suppliers for the VicRoads ‘Provision of construction and Preconstruction Services’ contract in the following categories:

  • Project Management
  • Design Services (Civil and Structural)
  • Contract Management (Civil)

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