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Dr Luana Stefanon joins TGM

Dr Stefanon joined TGM as an Environmental Engineer, in April 2017. In a short period of time she has established herself as a key asset in TGM’s Environmental / Water division and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team.

Peter Preece | | Civil Engineering, Hydraulic & Hydrology,

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is generally a small structure using careful design and plant selection to remove soluble pollutants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and suspended solids from stormwater prior to discharge into downstream drainage systems and our waterways and bays.

Joe Lynch | | Civil Engineering, Urban Development,

Drain Optimisation

Myth:- lower consultant fees equals a lower project cost. Quality design and analysis can add value and save money when it comes time to construct your development. The first iteration of a drainage design may well get council approval – but is it the best solution?

Glenn Mansell | | Infrastructure,

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