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New Laser Scanner

TGM has just purchased our second laser scanner – a Faro x330 HDR. The new scanner is smaller and lighter than previous models. It is perfect for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and has already been used to deliver point clouds for a water treatment plant upgrade, a new car dealership, a netball court and a university renovation.

Andrea McGrath | | Infrastructure, Surveying, Urban Development, Building, Hydraulic & Hydrology,

Wind Farms - Surveying

Windfarm construction draws heavily on the professional skills of surveyors using a variety of techniques and technologies. At project commencement the site facilities, access roads, hardstand areas, turbine locations and environmental protection areas need to be positioned using GPS.

Brent O’Grady | | Infrastructure, Surveying,

Survey goes miniature!

TGM’s surveyors recently had to think outside the box to access some difficult locations for a major laser scanning project at the Geelong refinery.

David Rendle | | Surveying,

Survey by UAV

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are small, lightweight planes that are flown by remote control at an altitude of about 100m. The UAV carries a small computer and high resolution camera that takes thousands of overlapping images of the survey area to be mapped.

Brent O’Grady | | Project Management,

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning has been widely adopted in industrial and architectural environments for data collection and modelling of sites with complex geometry and form. TGM has in-house laser scanning capability.

Brent O’Grady | | Surveying,

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