VicSmart is the process for streamlining the assessment of low-impact planning applications in Victoria. The provisions became part of all Planning Schemes (Clauses 90-95) on 19 September 2014.

Chris Marshall | | Urban Development, Planning,

Rain Gardens

A rain garden is generally a small structure using careful design and plant selection to remove soluble pollutants (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) and suspended solids from stormwater prior to discharge into downstream drainage systems and our waterways and bays.

Joe Lynch | | Civil Engineering, Urban Development,

Survey goes miniature!

TGM’s surveyors recently had to think outside the box to access some difficult locations for a major laser scanning project at the Geelong refinery.

David Rendle | | Surveying,

Survey by UAV

UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are small, lightweight planes that are flown by remote control at an altitude of about 100m. The UAV carries a small computer and high resolution camera that takes thousands of overlapping images of the survey area to be mapped.

Brent O’Grady | | Project Management,

Drain Optimisation

Myth:- lower consultant fees equals a lower project cost. Quality design and analysis can add value and save money when it comes time to construct your development. The first iteration of a drainage design may well get council approval – but is it the best solution?

Glenn Mansell | | Infrastructure,

Laser Scanning

Laser scanning has been widely adopted in industrial and architectural environments for data collection and modelling of sites with complex geometry and form. TGM has in-house laser scanning capability.

Brent O’Grady | | Surveying,

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